New Moms Support Groups

New Moms Groups focus on bringing together moms and their babies aged 0-9 months with the goals of creating a sense of community, sharing information and resources from reputable sources, and having fun in the process. These hour-long, weekly sessions are lively, interactive get-togethers, led by an experienced facilitator ready to steer the group and provide expertise. A comfortable, padded space is provided for babies to play and explore toys and each other.

Working Moms Support Groups

Going back to work is a huge transition for mom and baby. Whether you are planning to work full-time, part-time, at the office, or from home, the careful harmony you have developed at home is now in flux. Who knew work-life balance would be this hard? Dealing with childcare, pumping, sleep schedules, and just missing your little one are bound to make the upheaval even harder.  Monthly groups are geared toward providing the emotional support and tips essential to keeping your sanity as a working mom.

Expectant Moms Support Groups

People keep telling you to "get your sleep now," and that "your life is never going to be the same!" Not to mention the random people touching your stomach and giving you "helpful" advice. But what is life with a newborn really like? And how can you prepare for all that when your body and mind are going through some of the biggest changes of your life? Whether you're in your first trimester or ready to pop, this monthly group will help you navigate the confusing messages of loved ones, strangers, and internet message boards as you move from baby on board to new mom.

Parent-Child Playgroups

Available in private homes and designed to encourage children to become authentic and responsible from an early age, these playgroups help parents to be confident in their supportive role towards this great discovery. Small groups of parents and babies come together in a relaxing, infant-friendly environment to take pleasure in the children’s unfolding development and play.

Topics for discussion often include: age-appropriate expectations; the importance of play in children’s learning; balancing parents/child needs and wants; establishing clear, consistent, and appropriate limits; and adapting the home environment as baby grows. Contact us to learn how to create a playgroup in your neighborhood.


Need some in-depth information fast? Workshops are adult-only events designed to get all the information you need in the span of just a few hours. Topics may include Caregiving Routines for Newborns, Understanding Attachment, Finding Childcare, and Understanding NYC Preschool.  Have an idea for a workshop? Just let us know!

Private Consultation

Need more support or have particular needs you would like addressed? We offer free evaluations, 30-minute "quick fix" sessions, and in-home consultations to address more complex issues. Contact us to discuss your options.