New Moms Support Group

Being a new mom can be joyful, overwhelming, and exhausting – often at the same time! Come join our New Moms Group to meet moms that are riding the baby roller coaster along with you. Led by an experienced moderator, you’ll swap stories, get advice and resources, and walk away with more confidence and a new network of moms. Groups are informal and friendly.  Babies are welcome. Showers are optional!


Working Moms Support Group

Going back to work is a huge transition for mom and baby. Whether you are planning to work full-time, part-time, at the office, or from home, the careful harmony you have developed is now in flux. Who knew work-life balance would be this hard? Dealing with childcare, pumping, sleep schedules, and just missing your little one are bound to make the upheaval even harder.  Groups are geared toward providing the emotional support and tips essential to keeping your sanity as a working mom.